Lambda-CY EC Insecticide 2x2.5 gal jugs


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  • Recommended Use Rate: 3.2 oz

  • Active Ingredients: Lambda-cyhalothrin

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Cross Bow 2x2.5 gal jugs

  • Similar To: Cross Bow
  • Recommended Use Rate: 2-4 qt
  • Active Ingredients: 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid, Triclopyr


Praxis Herbicide 4x1 gal

  • Similar To: Pursuit
  • Recommended Use Rate: 3 oz
  • Active Ingredients: Imazethapyr


Buccaneer 5 Extra 2x2.5 gal jugs

  • Similar To: Round-up
  • Recommended Use Rate: 24-48 oz
  • Active Ingredients: Glyphosate


Defy LV6 2x2.5 gal jugs

  • Similar To: 2,4-D
  • Recommended Use Rate: 8-32 oz
  • Active Ingredients: 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid, 2-Ethylhexyl Ester


Prowl H2O 250 gal tote

  • Similar To: Prowl H2O
  • Recommended Use Rate: 2.5 pt
  • Active Ingredients: Pendimethalin


Grazon Next HL 2x2.5 gal jugs

  • Similar To: Grazon Next HL
  • Recommended Use Rate: 1.5-2 pt
  • Active Ingredients: 2,4-D Dimethylamine Salt, Aminopyralid, Triisopropanolammonium


Staunch II Custom

  • Similar To: Surestart II
  • Recommended Use Rate: 2-2.5 pt
  • Active Ingredients: Acetochlor, Clopyralid, Flumetsulam


Explorer 2x2.5 gal jugs

  • Similar To: Callisto
  • Recommended Use Rate: 2-5 oz
  • Active Ingredients: Mesotrione


Camo 2x2.5 gal jugs

  • Similar To: Flexstar, Pursuit
  • Recommended Use Rate: .75-1 pt
  • Active Ingredients: Fomesafen Sodium Salt, Imazethapyr


Authority Elite Custom

  • Similar To: Authority Elite
  • Recommended Use Rate: 26 oz
  • Active Ingredients: Sulfentrazone, S-Metolachlor


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